Following his release from prison on Tuesday (April 24), Meek Mill sat down for his first interview with Lester Hold on NBC Nightly News… and talked about how he feels now.

Apparently, the Philly rapper is buzzing… and hasn’t been able to sleep. “I haven’t slept a minute since I got out of prison,” he revealed. “It’s like a culture shock coming from a small cell back into the real world, so I think my body has to adjust.”

Though Meek is now a free man, he says he doesn’t feel free. “I don’t feel free. I ain’t felt free since I caught this case at the age of 19. I’m 30 now,” he says. “I pray. I believe God is my first lawyer. I always believed that and I got a strong team behind me…There’s a lot of light shed on my situation.”

Before being released on bail, Meek was serving 2-4 years in prison for probation violation.

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