BMW Unveils the All-Electric Concept iX3

BMW Concept iX3

BMW returns with a vision for the future of its X3 SUV, via this all-electric Concept iX3.

While the concept retains similarities to the standard production model, the brand carries over the same blue highlights from other BMW i models to keep with the electric theme across the line.

The crossover concept features an electric motor, capable of churning out 268 horsepower, which is actually 20 more than the standard four-cylinder X3. It also features the fifth-generation electric motor, allowing for a net capacity of over 70 kWh, which gives it a range of over 249 miles. Furthermore, the

Another feature of the high-voltage battery is its optimised charging capability. The energy storage system has a newly developed Charging Control Unit, designed to be hooked up to fast-charging stations generating up to 150 kW. This allows the battery to be charged fully in just 30 minutes.

A production model of the BMW Concept iX3 is expected in 2020.