Largest KAWS, Supreme, BAPE Collection Hits Auction Block

Largest Supreme KAWS BAPE toy collection
via Heritage Auctions

A Los Angeles collector with an affinity for KAWS, Supreme, BAPE, BE@BRICK and kidrobot collectibles has is selling his extensive collection via Heritage Auctions (HA).

What is being called the “largest collection of contemporary toys and urban art collectibles ever” by HA features over 278 pieces, with rare pieces dating back to the late 1990s.

Highlights include the 400% Toy Story BE@ARBRICKS, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and the 1000% wash denim edition of the Levi’s BE@RBRICK from 2015.

There’s also a number of coveted Supreme accessories and the Supreme x Jim Henson’s Muppets vinyl figurine; KAWS Companion in grey from 1999 and KAWS x Lucasfilms DarthVader Companion; BAPE x Pepsi bottle collaboration from 2002; and much, much more.

As of press time, Heritage Auctions says sales has surpassed expectations with more than $120,000 in winning bids. WHOA!

All items from the collection are up for auction now at