R. Kelly Gets Dropped by Publicist, Lawyer & Assistant

R. Kelly - Happy Birthday (Video)

This month can’t get any worse for R. Kelly. First, a new accusation by a Texas woman, alleging Kelly knowingly gave her an STI and tried to induct her into his Atlanta “sex cult” when she was only 19. Then, Vince Staples just up and called him a child molesting perv in a post-Coachella interview. To add insult to injury, his team has been thinning out ever since February of this year, including two key figures.

According to the BBC, Kelly’s attorney, Linda Mensch, left due to reasons “unrelated to Kelly’s social life”.

Also, Kelly’s executive assistant Diana Copeland announced her resignation the first of April. There’s no word on why Copeland left the R&B singer’s camp, but if any of the allegations are true, she would have seen and heard everything.

Following Copeland’s departure, Kelly’s publicist Trevian Kutti also made her exit.

So far, it’s unclear if Kelly has found replacements, but with all of the noise surrounding his newest set of legal troubles, he might want to get on that.