Kanye West Debuts New YEEZY Slides, Twitter Goes Off

YEEZY Slides
via Twitter / Kanye West

Kanye West’s YEEZY line has never been known to be average. The brand usually give a range of comfortable and oversized looks that are described as “futuristic” and “high-maintenance”. Then, there’s the shoes. Ye’s sneaker designs have become so hyped that sold out pairs can run into the thousands on the resell market.

So, when the recently Twitter-active Kanye dropped a picture of his latest YEEZY creation (YEEZY Slides), he got a bunch of interesting responses.



Someone said the first thing most of us were already thinking. This is next?


Maybe if you’re looking for a knock-off.

These responses go on and on. Kanye seems mostly unbothered, but then again, this is also the truest response of them all.