Stream J. Cole’s New Album “KOD”

J. Cole - KOD

As promised earlier this week, J. Cole made his return, dropping his first new album in two years, titled KOD.

If you haven’t yet, it’s available now!

The project boasts 12 new tracks, free of guest appearances, asided from someone named Kill Edward, who is thought to be Cole’s alter ego.

What’s KOD you ask? Cole has said it’s a multi-purpose acronym, standing for “Kids on Drugs”, “King Overdosed”, and “Kill Our Demons.”

“If I turn on the TV right now,” he says of “Kids on Drugs”, “it’s not going to take long for there to be an advertisement that pops up, that says, ‘Are you feeling down? Have you been having lonely thoughts?’ And then, they shove a pill in your face. The first response to any problems is medicate.”

As for “King Overdosed”, he says that’s about his own dealings with escapism, including “alcohol, phone addiction, women.”

And lastly, “Kill Our Demons” is about an end goal to face the problems we wish to escape head-on.

Stream KOD below.