Jim Jones Says He Passed on Signing J. Cole Earlier On, But Why?

Jim Jones
via Instagram / Jim Jones

All eyes have been on J. Cole, after he recently surprised everyone with the announcement of an upcoming album called K.O.D., so it makes perfect sense that during an appearance on Eric and Jeff Rosenthal’s A Waste of Time podcast, Jim Jones would make time to discuss his past with Cole.

During the lengthy interview, Jones revealed that he had a chance to sign Cole earlier on to Diplomat Records, but chose to pass.

According to Jimmy, he failed to see originality in the young act. Apparently, Cole used to frequent his studio as a kid, but his rhymes sounded too much like Drake.

“Light skin kid coming to the studio every day rapping like Drake, and at that point, it was Drake, n*ggas didn’t know what to do with no Drake,” Jones explained. “Drake was just a phenomenon at that point. You can’t have two of them right now. As you see, it took him a few years after that to kind of find his place and what he wanted to do. He ain’t rapping like Drake no more, but when he was in my studio he was.”

Listen to the full interview for the Waste of Time podcast below. You can finds Jones’ comments on Cole at the 1:04:53 mark.