Vince Staples Says R. Kelly is an Illiterate Child Molester

Vince Staples Says R. Kelly is an Illiterate Child Molester

In a post-Coachella performance interview, Vince Staples does what he does best: be honest and call it like it is.

The rapper just released his own limited edition Converse collection, was profiled in Vogue last year, and is hitting up all the big named festival stops this summer, but proudly supports the title “anti-rapper.” So, when he popped off on R. Kelly’s more than questionable history with teenage girls, can we honestly say we were surprised?

The interview began with general questions about the performance Staples had just given and on whether he carried his legendary asthma inhaler with him on stage. Then, Staples casually responded saying if he died, his mother would receive a large insurance settlement, so he wasn’t bothered by running out of breath while performing.

Things really started getting weird when Staples got to the topic of being arrested for his wild antics… and brought up R. Kelly. “R. Kelly never went to jail, and he’s a child molester,” he spouted out.

Despite all the attempts of the well-meaning interviewer to get Staples back on track, it only got worse from there. He went on to say Kelly “pees on people, and he can’t read, and he didn’t go to jail.”

While its largely believed Kelly has been involved in some very questionable situations, he’s never been convicted, and so far, all accusations against him are “alleged”.

After this interview began circulating, Vince took to Twitter, claiming Kelly and his camp are “looking for him”.