Travis Scott Now Filing Countersuit Against Event Company

Travis Scott
via The Come Up Show / CC-BY-2.0

Just weeks after news broke that Travis Scott was being sued for a concert cancellation, he’s apparently following with a countersuit against the company.

The night before the Superbowl, the rapper was set to perform at a Minnesota nightclub, but cancelled just hours before. The events company, PJAM, claimed that Scott was paid a $150,000 advance, along with $10,000 for his booking agent and additional transportation costs. After cancelling, Scott allegedly failed to repay the money, which resulted in a lawsuit.

Now, Scott is filing a countersuit, claiming that he never received a confirmed travelย itinerary or the full event pay. Allegedly, PJAM fell $50,000 short of the $150,000, and Travis wants his money. As reported by Complex, “Scott’s team also thinks PJAM leaked information about the show beforehand, which would be a violation of the confidentiality agreement that they signed.”

Although Scott has been silent on the issue, his attorney Howard King claims the lawsuit placed by PJAM wasย “an obvious effort to shake Travis down and avoid the consequences of their breaches. Instead of pursuing a misguided attempt to spin the narrative and salvage their tattered reputation, the responsible step would have been for PJAM to pay Travis the balance of his fee and move on to their next opportunity.”

It’s hard to tell who will win the case, but both reputations could be at stake.