Netflix Drops Teaser for Season 2 of “Dear White People”

Dear White People

Netflix definitely knows how to keep their hands in our pockets. The streaming service just dropped a teaser trailer for Season 2 of its series, Dear White People, based in the 2014 feature film by the same name.

Justin Simien’s film won a Special Jury Award at Sundance the same year, but more importantly, it became an Indie favorite amongst viewers that felt film and TV was playing it too safe when it came to conversations about race.

Season 1, set at the fictional college campus of Winchester University, explored what it’s really like to be a person of color at a predominately white university. The show came with hard-hitting topics like colorism in the black activist community, police brutality, “good hair,” and black Greek life.

In an interview with, cast members Nia Jervier (Kelsey) and Marque Richardson (Reggie) call Season 2 “explosive.” Richardson promises “if Netflix allows what is on the paper to translate to the screen, minds are going to explode all over the place.”

Needless to say, when black entertainment site Shadow & Act tweeted the teaser and a poster for the upcoming season, people lived for it.

Clear your schedules. Season 2 premieres May 4, and it’s pretty safe to say, you’ll be in all your feelings about it.