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Yet another top name at Nike has left the company following a turbulent few months.

On Monday (April 16), Bloomberg reported that Antoine Andrews, VP of diversity and inclusion at Nike, is no longer with the company.

Andrews’ exit comes less than two months after brand president Trevor Edwards and vice president Jayme Martin abruptly left Nike in the midst of inappropriate workplace complaints.

Earlier this month, Nike released a memo admiting that it’s not doing enough to promote women and minorities and there is still work to be done. Nike’s VP of Human Resources, Monique Matheson, wrote: “While we’ve spoken about this many times, and tried different ways to achieve change, we have failed to gain traction — and our hiring and promotion decisions are not changing senior-level representation as quickly as we have wanted,” while adding that staff needed to “improve representation of women and people of color.”

The removal of Andrews could mean good news on the company’s behalf, proving that they are taking the proper steps toward becoming an anti-biased brand.

Nike has declined to give any details on the release of Andrews.