GoPro Launches its TradeUp Program

GoPro Hero 6
via GoPro

For most users, buying one GoPro is sufficient, even if the company continues to upgrade and introduce newer products.

To encourage customers to get their latest, GoPro has announced its “TradeUp” program, which will allow customers to trade-in your old digital camera, regardless of brand, for a discount on the GoPro Hero6 Black or GoPro Fusion.

With a trade-in, customers can choose to receive either $50 USD off of the Hero6 or $100 USD off the brand’s Fusion with the trade.

There’s a catch though. The older GoPro or another digital camera from another brand must have an original retail price of at least $99.99 USD. Currently, there doesn’t seem to an expiration date on the offers.

The way it works is easy. Once you choose one of the two options, GoPro sends out the product and you mail in your old camera. For more on the TradeUp program, visit the website here.