Biggest “Black Lives Matter” Facebook Page Was Run by an Australian Fraud

Black Lives Matter Facebook page

More trouble for Facebook, as news surfaced recently that revealed the largest Black Lives Matter page on the site was linked to Australian union worker Ian MacKay.

The page had more than twice the followers of other black rights pages on Facebook, but had no real ties to any political or social groups involved in the movement.

While running the page, MacKay and an associate collected over $100,000 in donations that were directed into private Australian bank accounts. The Aussie was exposed in a CNN investigation, in which questions were raised about how well Facebook vets content and the admins behind pages.

The news is especially troubling with new Facebook initiatives that allow users to fundraise for their favorite causes by directing followers to supported pages on the site.

In addition to running the fraudulent Facebook page, MacKay also registered websites under 100 blacks rights-related  domain names, including,, and He alleged embezzling from unsuspecting donors — thinking they were donating to assist in the fight to end police brutality and unjustifiable killings of black citizens in America — as early as 2015.

All fundraising campaigns associated with the Facebook page have been suspended by PayPal, Patreon, and Donorbox, but at this point, who knows how many innocent people MacKay and his associate have scammed.

When Mark Zuckerburg returns from Capitol Hill, a lot of angry activists will be waiting for him.