Sabrina Claudio Gets Backlash Over Racist Twitter Account

Sabrina Claudio
via Twitter / Sabrina Claudio

This has been the week from hell for Cuban-Puerto Rican singer Sabrina Claudio… after a long-time fan revealed the singer ran a not so private Twitter account under the name of @ODamnYourUgly that perpetuated colorism amongst lighter skinned Latinas, as well as made several nasty remarks about black women.

Ironically, Claudio’s recent emergence from obscurity was cut short by the very people her Twitter attacked.

Once wind of comments like “It must suck to be a black girl with no booty,”  and rampant usage of the N-word surfaced, the singer offered a half-cocked apology, claiming she had learned from “past ignorance.”

It’s safe to say folks aren’t buying it, though. With so many public figures that profit from blackness getting exposed for passive aggressive racism, indirect apologies just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Black women loudly spoke out against Claudio, accusing her of being yet another self-hating singer of color — she is of Cuban and Puerto Rican ancestry — that “culture vultured” off black culture only to cut down those she stole from. Many even suggested before this recent firestorm, you’d have to Google the singer just to to know she was of some importance.

Claudio has made records with black artists like 6lack, Khalid, and Duckwrth. The SoundCloud singer’s vocal styles give strong R&B and bluesy vibes, but after the severe backlash, many of her former collaborators called for apologies and cancelled future ventures.

If you’re looking for Claudio’s Twitter account, it has recently been deleted, but the internet endures forever. Screenshots of remarks made as early as this year are still floating around social media. It’s safe to say the “Unravel Me” songstress flirtation has officially been cancelled. Buhbye, Sabrina.