Teen Accepted Into 20 Colleges Wants an Apology From FOX

Harvard University
via Carlos Pacheco / CC-BY-2.0

Michael Brown knows his worth, and he wants FOX to know it, too.

The Houston area student has been quite a viral sensation lately, and rightfully so. The teen applied and was accepted into 20 of the top universities and institutions in the nation. Not only was he admitted; he received full rides.

Most media outlets saw the news as a break from the troubling state of affairs that is America today, but a D.C.-based FOX affiliate covered Brown’s story with more than a little shade toward the teen’s accomplishments. Anchors Sarah Fraser and Holly Morris made disparaging remarks, even calling the teen obnoxious for applying to a large number of schools and “taking away” a spot another student might have qualified for.

That logic is beyond flawed. Accepting students of high merit does not take away “spots” for other students, especially in the case that once Brown refuses an offer, it will then be free for another applicant. Knowing this, Brown has respectfully declined to air an interview he conducted with Morris until the network offers a public apology.

According to Fraser’s Twitter account, she has offered an apology to Brown personally, but no attempts to address what some call “racially motivated” remarks made in the initial coverage have been made.