Lil Yachty Claims He Can Out Rap New Generation Rappers

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty claims he’s a better rapper than most of the new generation and he was not here for the speculation.

The rapper took to Twitter to make the declaration, tweeting: “Real underdog bruh, I can prolly out rap 75% of the new generation but n*ggas sleep on me.”

Yachty’s tweet came as a response to something rapper Smokepurpp said, when he tweeted, “Lil Yachty sooo underrated, he deadass got bars and people overlook him smh…”

These tweets soon ignited speculation on Twitter, when That Boy A.B. called Yachty out for being a “pop artist”. “Cmon homie… U ain’t a spitter, u a pop artist,” he wrote. “Stop. I respect ya grind and the lane u created for yourself… but u don’t got bars cuzzo lol.”

Yachty backed himself up once again, and even threw a jab at other rappers, responding, “I never said I was a lyricist boi, I ain’t tryna be.. but I can rap. I can stick wit folks ona track, I’m not a xan rapper.”

Yachty continued with the tweets.

This isn’t the first time Smokepurpp spoke of Yachty’s game. When asked about his collab with Yachty during an interview with XXL, Smokepurpp gave Yachty nothing but praise.

“He just freestyled that sh*t. Like 10 minutes, he was done with that sh*t. I was like, ‘Yo, you went off bro. You snapped.’ I’m not gon’ lie, his recording process, that sh*t is fire because he literally goes in a freestyles and it’s like nothing to him. People don’t give Yachty the credit that he deserves. He actually snaps. He actually says sh*t, he be coming with the metaphors and n*ggas don’t give him credit for that. In my opinion, he’s a good rapper — one of the best rappers out right now. From the new generation, there’s a lot of n*ggas that don’t really say sh*t but he a good rapper. He has different styles, he’s versatile.”

Just last month, Yachty released his album Lil Boat 2, with features from Quavo, 2 Chainz, and more.