MySpace Tom

Now that Facebook is under fire regarding its users’ privacy, I bet you wish you’d kept your MySpace account? Okay, probably not, but the former social media king is back in the news.

As the world watched Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerburg testify before Congress about the platform’s privacy terms, the topic of where Myspace founder Tom Anderson began to circulate.

Facebook took over the internet in the early 2000s and seemingly crushed predecessor MySpace. Facebook’s user friendly design made the do-it-yourself coding fiasco that was MySpace into a running joke. However, after writer Jeremy Gordon wrote an update on Tom Anderson is doing with his life now that Facebook has taken quite a turn in public opinion and Twitter went wild.

Gordon’s tweet about MySpace Tom living his best life on IG went viral.

Then, the inevitable happened. People start imagining what Tom was doing while a very pressed Mark Zuckerburg was sweating bullets through his Sunday best in Senate hearings.

Some folks went in on how much Mark Zuckerburg did not look like Tom.

Who even dug this me-meme back up?

In the end, it looks like MySpace Tom is doing alright these days. His Instagram account is full of beautiful, exotic, and stress free pics that would make anyone green with envy. Raise your hand if you just want your Top 8 back.

For the longest time I’ve been satisfied and chill – not really wanting more from life. 🤙 Just at peace with how I am and how the world is. 🌏 But lately I’ve felt like I want to learn and grow… I’m feeling like my teenage self again, when I was excited about picking up a new book or a new idea. I think this mostly came from friends who inspired me… They know who they are. Feeling very grateful for this change, and for the people who got my creative mojo firing. Onwards and upwards! 🚀 This shot was from yesterday’s hike on Kauai! ⛰Was moving so fast with my time-limited hiking partners that I never got a chance to take out my camera! This was shot on the iPhone 7+ and edited with built-in Apple tools and some Snapseed. After all that, I brought it into Photoshop to remove some purple noise in the shadows. Finally I made a few changes to clarity and color in IGs editor. Haha. Imagine the day when your phone camera could do everything a DSLR can do… It’s really not that far away. In many ways, the phone is better — certainly for portability and also in the way it handles different layers of depth and light. I know if I shot this on my DSLR it would have been even harder for me to process to my satisfaction. Went for a more painterly feel since it was pretty noisy and easier to edit that way?? I like it a lot !! Do you like?? :-) 😀

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