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After hitting the New York Stock Exchange recently, with a valuation of $30 billion, Spotify has made another big move.

The music streaming service has partnered with Hulu for the launch of a joint subscription plan across the both platforms, reports The Verge.

Spotify and Hulu have come up with a package, coming in at $12.99 USD. The bundle includes Spotify Premium (which costs $9.99 monthly) and traditional, video-on-demand Hulu (which costs $7.99 monthly). For now, the offer is only for current Spotify Premium customers, but the plan is to begin offering to everyone this summer.

This isn’t new. A Spotify and Hulu bundle first started as a $4.99 offer for students. “Based on the outstanding performance of the Spotify and Hulu student package, it’s clear that consumers love to combine their music and television experiences together,” Hulu’s Senior Vice President Tim Connolly said in a statement.

Are you guys interested in a Spotify/Hulu bundle? Let me know.