Floyd Mayweather’s Car Convoy Shot Up in Atlanta

Floyd Mayweather
via Bryan Horowitz / CC-BY-2.0

News like this usually happens to rappers, but early Monday (April 9), Floyd Mayweather’s convoy of vehicles were shot at in Atlanta.

According to CNNf, the retired boxer and his team (including three cars) left an Atlanta night spot and were en route to the InterContinental hotel when a vehicle pulled alongside them and opened fire.

One of Mayweather’s bodyguards was hit in the leg and is recovering at an Atlanta area hospital.

Police said that they believe that the shooting was not random and that the shooter was targeting Mayweather’s vehicles.

Mayweather was not injured, though he was in one of the other vehicles in the convoy.

So far, Mayweather’s camp has not commented.

Stay tuned for updates…