“Avengers: Infinity War” Expected to Break $200M on Opening Weekend

Avengers: Infinity War
via Marvel Entertainment

The highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War is just three short weeks away… and it’s expected to do crazy numbers.

The latest installment to the Avengers series is projected to make over $200 million in its opening weekend, according to Deadline.

If the film does surpass the $200 million mark, it will become the highest grossing film debut for the month of April, beating out Furious 7, which opened with $147 million in 2015.

We don’t underestimate Marvel, especially seeing how the first two installments of Avengers had record-breaking debuts and still hold top spots in the highest-grossing films of all time. We also watched as Black Panther recently broke the box office, so we know they can make a good superhero film.

If you plan on seeing Avengers: Infinity War  when it hits theaters on April 27, you can expect to see close to 70 superheros in the film, some of which are making their final on-screen appearances.