The Game Speaks Out About Fabolous’ Domestic Violence Case

The Game
via Instagram / The Game

As the domestic abuse case against Fabolous continues to unfold, it has recently been reported that the rapper has been officially charged with aggravated assault. Although leaked video of an altercation offers insight into the hostility of the situation at hand, The Game has decided to come to Fab’s defense… sort of.

The Compton rapper took to Instagram, via The Shaderoom, and accused social media of being active participants in destroying “another black family.”

“Another black family torn apart over social media,” he wrote. “Look at everyone so happy to see them in shambles. Forget how all this plays out for their two young boys going forward or their daughter whose father figure was just plucked from the family picture by cultures vultures. Sad to see what the internet does to people’s sense of reality.”

Game continued by pointing fingers at fans, social media users, and even himself for supposedly spreading gossip and failing to see what he calls the bigger picture. “We’re all guilty & the world is dying all around us, but we’re too self consumed to see it.”

Following a bit of backlash for the comments, Game clarified that he wasn’t in support of domestic, but rather, was upset to see a black family being torn apart and fans making a mockery of it.

As previously reported, Fabolous is accused punching his girlfriend Emily B in the face seven times and knocking out two of her front teeth. Shortly after, video surfaced of the rapper attempting to fight both Emily and her father, in addition to threatening their lives.

The case will reportedly be handled by The Bergen County Prosecutors Office. Fab is reportedly set to be in court sometime this month. If found guilty, the artist could face three to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000.