Super Heroic’s TMBLR v1 Gets Space-Inspired Colorway

Super Heroic TMBLR v1 new colorway

After introducing its TMBLR v1 sneaker for kids last year in a single colorway, Super Heroic is back with a third color.

Dubbed “The Galactix”, the new colorway is made to be gender-neutral. It sports a galactic star pattern that is inspired by children’s love affair with space; and remints children everywhere that there’s no limit to their imagination, creativity or play.

For those not familiar with Super Heroic, the TMBLR v1 is the first-ever shoe designed and built specifically for children, and “how they move and discover the world through play,” according to the brand.

Apparently, most kids’ footwear restricts the extra movement needed to freely play, while the TMBLR v1’s unique design — including its lace-free utility strap and durable sole that is made to navigate multiple surfaces — helps kids run, climb, jump and play like the Heroes they truly are.

The Super Heroic “The Galactix” edition drops April 10 at the brand’s online store for $79 USD.