SZA and Missy Elliott
via The Come Up Show / Romana Pierzga / CC-BY-2.0

Could we be hearing a Missy Elliot and SZA collab in the near future?

The two artists took to Twitter on Saturday (March 31) and began hyping the idea. It all started when a fan tweeted, “I really wanna hear a Missy Elliot x SZA collab,” in which SZA replied, “A dangerous dream I only dreamt in me dreams.”

It was all fun and games until Missy added her two cents. “Sounds like a SCORCHER BANGA to me,” she replied.

Elliot and SZA on the same track? Don’t play with our emotions.

Both of these women have made huge marks within the music industry. SZA released her debut album CTRL in 2017, which earned her five Grammy nominations, while Elliot dropped her debut album in 1997 and earned an outstanding 22 grammy nominations over the years.

With that being said, a collab between the two would be nothing short of amazing, and the fans agree.