Fabolous Performs Sold Out Show Following Altercation With Emily B


Over the weekend, TMZ released a video of a nearly physical altercation between Fabolous and Emily B, the mother of his two children.

In the video, Fab can be seen in an argument out front of his New Jersey home. At one point, you can hear the rapper yell, โ€œI got a bullet with your name on it,โ€ as he yells at Emily’s father. Elsewhere, he’s seen lunging at Emily B as his bodyguard holds him back.

The footage happens to be released soon-after Fabolous was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Emily claims Fab punched out h er two front teeth.

Moments after the video surfaced, Fab performed a sold out show alongside Jadakiss at Terminal 5 in New York City. He even addresses the crowd during the show to thank them for their support.