Birdman Talks Lil Wayne Reunion: “I’mma Make Sure We Straight”

Birdman talks Lil Wayne Reunion
via Apple / Beats 1

The status of the relationship between Birdman and Lil Wayne is currently very unclear.

Although they been spotted together partying in Miami three times in the past month, a conflicting report says their ongoing legal battle has become “hostile”.

In a recent interview with Apple’s Beats 1 Radio, Birdman discussed Lil Wayne… and continues to maintain his stance on the situation: the pair are going to work out their differences.

“Far as me and shorty, I got that. I’mma make sure he straight, we straight, so we can continue doing what we started,” he explained. “It’s important to me that I finish the way I started.”

“[Lil Wayne] deserve that from me, and I’mma give that to him,” Birdman added.

As he continued to talk about Weezy, the hip-hop mogul did admit, however, that the rift between the two has spilled over into their personal lives… specifically regarding their kids. And, he’s not happy about it.

“It’s affecting our kids and that’s not cool with me at all,” Birdman said.

Although Birdman says he and Wayne are going to work out their business issues, as far as we all know, the lawsuit is still ongoing.

Stay tuned…