Bow Wow Breaks Down on Twitter, Says He’s Fed Up With Life & Media

Bow Wow
via Instagram / Bow Wow

Last week, Bow Wow’s Twitter was lit, but unfortunately, not in a good way. The rapper and TV personality started the week with a mysterious tweet to hip-hop legend/former mentor Jermaine Dupri.

“If you don’t answer my call, I’m going to tell the world about you and…” Bow tweeted.

After being called out for strange behavior, Bow spent most of the night responding to fan questions. However, what started as a harmless Q&A with loyal fans, quickly turned into Bow Wow unraveling a lot of hurt for the world to see.

The rapper bashed his own career, hinted at being surrounded by a lot of fake people in his life, and eventually, suggested life would be better if he weren’t here anymore. When fans began to ask if he was OK, his responses were cold and cryptic, blaming his unhappiness on the media for criticizing his every move.

Bow Wow tweets

Bow Wow tweets

Bow Wow tweets

Bow Wow tweets

Bow Wow tweets

Many of his peers chimed in and agreed. Actress Keke Palmer voiced her support for Bow Wow on her personal Instagram, recounting how Bow had inspired her in her own career, calling him a “cultural inspiration.”

“I just wanted to take the time out to appreciate Bow Wow for the cultural inspiration he’s been since I was about 5/6 yrs old (I’m about to be 25 ?),” she wrote in the caption, along with one of Bow Wow’s videos. “I will never forget the first Bow Wow video I saw, I’m pretty sure he was the first guy I ever loved #deadass haha. I followed him on to his movies, cause y’all know everrryyy body wanted to be like MIKE hahaha and his adult music career. Even though he had already accomplished more than most adults by the age of like 13 or 14.”

“I am proud to see a healthy Bow Wow still doing his thing in multiple areas, having sacrificed so much,” Keke continued. “I applaud you and show you gratitude for it all. “When I was eight I was rhyming not backyard game playing.”

In all honesty, Bow Wow has the stats to prove that. His first album, Beware of Dog, went double platinum in a year… and he was just 13 years old at the time.

When fans brought other receipts of legendary status to Bow, he dismissed them, saying he’d be good when he was “far away from here.”

Some think this type of behavior is a sign of an even bigger issue. Whether Bow Wow is suffering from deeper wounds, or whether he’s just dropping honesty people aren’t ready to hear, mental health shaming is never OK. It’s hard to deny the amount of criticism the 31-year-old entertainer has received in his lifetime. Sometimes enough is enough.