Chicago Students Protest at City Hall with a Die-In

A group of Chicago youth staged a “die-in” at Chicago’s City Hall last week, in protest of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s recent investment in a $95 million dollar Police and Fire training center in the predominately black neighborhood of West Garfield Park.

The protesters brought cardboard headstones with the names of people killed in police shootings. The chilling image of the children strewn across the floor surfaced on Twitter.

The students, supporters of the political activist campaign #NoCopAcademy, suggested the mayor invest in education and resources for underserved communities in the city instead.

#NoCopAcademy calls for funding specifically in black and brown communities that are highly affected by police brutality and gun violence. The movement also called Mayor Emmanuel out for lack of funding toward healthcare services, family planning, and ending homelessness.

The group was born from an ongoing call for educational reform in the city’s public schools. Chicago born celebrity, Chance The Rapper, popularized the movement by interrupting city council meetings to bring up the lack of funding for local schools. He previously donated $1 million toward Chicago public schools.

He even tweeted in support of the protesters.