Cameron Diaz
via David Shankbone / CC-BY-2.0

Cameron Diaz has retired… for now at least.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Diaz reunited with her co-stars of The Sweetest Thing, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair, to chat about the cult classic film.

When asked about a possible reunion, Diaz responded: “Maybe I should, you know, I mean, I’m down. I’m literally doing nothing.” Applegate then joked about being “semi-retired.” Diaz co-signed, saying, “I am actually retired.”

The last time Diaz was on screen was in 2014’s Annie. While she was at the height of her career, Diaz was one of the highest paid and top booked actresses in Hollywood. At one point, she was making $15 million a film and had multiple projects going on at once.

That’s exactly why she quit. The actress took time off to focus on herself, and life couldn’t seem any better.

At 41, she married Good Charlotte guitarist and singer Benji Madden. The actress gushed in the interview about her relationship with Madden being the first time she’d ever experienced love like this before.

Even though Diaz seems perfectly happy out of the limelight, she could easily find her way back on the red carpet.