Video Surfaces of Fabolous’s Fight With Emily B

Fabolous Emily B fight

Following a recent arrest for domestic violence, video footage has surfaced of Fabolous involved in a heated exchange with his baby’s mother Emily B and her father.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, the rapper is reportedly wielding an object while threatening to shoot both Emily and her father.

While Fab’s bodyguard attempts to hold him back during the argument, and asks Emily at one point why her dad is there. He then yells back, “That’s my motherf*cking daughter” and calls Fab a coward.

The rapper is also seen lunging at Emily a couple times in the video, especially when she pulls out her phone and attempts to record the situation. “Don’t f*cking tape me,” Fab yells.

Fab turned himself into authorities in New Jersey on Wednesday night (March 28). She claims he punched her and knocked out two of her teeth. She also told police she’d sent a family member to their house to remove two handguns she feared Fab would use against her when he got home.

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