Tyler the Creator
via Demxx / CC-BY-2.0

Tyler the Creator is far from predictable, yet, for folks that are still wondering about his sexuality, his newest single “Okra” might be one more confirmation of his sexual fluidity.

The rapper took to social media on Thursday (March 29) and dropped what he calls a “throwaway song”, likely recorded during the sessions from his last album, Flower Boy.

“Okra” sets a lot of things straight. Lyrics like “Tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me” and “that p*ssy pink like the drink in my cup” might be Tyler’s way of letting us know he gets down with whoever he wants, whenever he wants. Overall, Okra has a hard beat and boasts cutting off friends with newfound success and freedom.

Last year, during an interview with Know Wave’s Koopz Tunes, Tyler addressed allegations of homophobia, claiming he had “had a boyfriend when I was f*cking 15 in Hawthorne”, only to later retract it on Twitter as a figure of speech. Maybe all the attention and pressure to “come out” off the track is a little too much for the Los Angeles-born rapper. Even though the rap world is much more accepting than it once was when Tyler the Creator first started his career, the genre still a long ways from someone’s sexuality not impacting their business.

Maybe an openly bisexual rapper with “Watts Riot in my blood” is what the game needs. Regardless, “Okra” is getting a lot of attention, simply off the controversial lyrics.