Craig Mack
via Bad Boy Entertainment

With the recent passing of rap legend Craig Mack, an out-pour of sympathy and remembrance was delivered across the internet for what he left on the culture. With that being said, it would be expected that his funeral would bring together a number of artists who seek to pay their respects. Wrong. According to DJ Scratch, that was not the case.

In a post on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of the program from Mack’s funeral, the producer said: “I’ve never been to a service for someone famous & I was the only famous person to show up. Very weird day today, but what puts a smile on my face is that Lil Bro was at peace way before he passed away. That’s what matters most to me.”

While it’s easy to say that the “Flava In Ya Ear” emcee may have cut ties with his industry friends after finding religion, or that they just didn’t care enough about his contributions to show their support, it seems as though there is more to the story.

After speaking with Bad Boy founder and music mogul Diddy, in order to offer his thanks for giving Craig Mack the opportunity to share his gift with the world, DJ Scratch took to Instagram to offer a little more insight into what may have happened.

“When I left Craig’s memorial service I called @Diddy to thank him for giving Craig the platform for the world to know Craig Mack’s music. I told him I just left the service, he said ‘They buried Craig already, what service are you talking about?!?’. He didn’t know about the memorial service. @diddy offered to pay for Craig Mack’s funeral, but the religious community Craig was in declined. None of his Friends or colleagues were allowed to attend his funeral.”

DJ Scratch went on to explain how close he was to Craig, even recalling a time when he had to take him under his wing because of ill treatment the rapper received from EPMD’s entourage. He went on to clarify that if it wasn’t for Diddy recognizing Craig Mack’s talent early on –– making him the first artist to sign with Bad Boy –– he may have never been able to live his dream.