Cardi B Teams Up with Tinder to Host Free Concert

Cardi B Buys New Bentley
via Instagram / Cardi B

Already hip to Tinder? If not, you’ll want to be after this incentive.

Carbi B just teamed up with Tinder to give students a free concert. Together, they are challenging students to a #SwipeOff, giving Universities across the nation a total of five rounds to win their chance at being crowned the ultimate winner and recipient of a free Cardi concert.

The school with the most right swipes wins. BUT, as with any contest, there are rules. In order to participate, the student body must be at an accredited four-year college or university of at least 5,000 students or more, not including military schools. Also, the school or university must be located in one of theย 48 contiguous United States.

As long as your school follows these guidelines and you’re swiping from an active account, Cardi could be on your campus in less than a month.

Here is a full list of each round and their swiping periods.

3.30:First Round | 64 Schools

4.02: Second Round | 32 Schools

4.05: Semi-Finals | 16 Schools

4.09: Finals | 8 Schools

4.13: Championship | 2 Schools

4.18: Winner Announced!

4.25: Cardi B Concert

Each round follows a three-day swiping period, beginning at 9 am PT on the day of each round and ending at 5 pm. the day before the next round begins. The first swiping period opened Tuesday (March 27) at 12 pm PT and will end March 29 at 5 pm.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let the swiping begin!