March For Our Lives
via Twitter / March For Our Lives

Hundreds of thousands of activists took to the streets of our nation’s capital on Saturday (Mar. 24) to support the “March For Our Lives” movement.

Since the start of 2018 alone, there have been 17 school shootings resulting in either injury or death, most notably the shooting in Parkland, Fl., where there was 17 casualties. This grabbed the attention of people worldwide and sparked the need for change.

March For Our Lives — a form of student-led activism dedicated to end gun violence and promote stricter gun laws — was led by survivors of last month’s school shooting in Florida. The movement gained the support of students and lawmakers alike around the country, including our former President, Barack Obama. Celebrities such as Lebron James, Paul McCartney, and Kim Kardashian joined the movement as well.

For those of us who were unable to make the march in D.C., we watched live via the March For Our Lives Twitter account as children and parents gave powerful speeches on the need for stricter gun laws. Survivors of school shootings spoke out about their experiences. The granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr. expressed her dream of a “gun free world.” Parents of victims warned others that their children could be next. More than just those voices were heard, as thousands more held signs and chanted phrases to push the need for immediate control.

Hundreds of cities across the country even created their own marches, bringing in thousands upon thousands of more voices.

The powerful voices of our country have spoken, and they want stricter laws.

The entire march can be viewed at the video below.