It appears H.E.R. has a big 2018 planned with a “secret” project in the works with… none other than Rihanna.

About a year ago, Rihanna posted a video of herself vibing to H.E.R.’s hit single, “Focus”. Now, the two are apparently working together.

During an interview with Malcolm Music, H.E.R. hinted at a Riri collaboration. “We’ve got some secret projects coming up”, she said.

The interviewer then mentioned “collabs”, to which H.E.R. smiled and replied: “Something like that”.

For H.E.R., a Rihanna collaboration would be major, not only for her career, but also because she’s such a huge fan. “That was insane,” she said, referring to Riri posting a video with her music. “I was jumping up and down and I never do that. I was super excited.”

H.E.R. recently dropped a video for her “Focus” single, which you can watch here.