“Black Panther” Becomes Highest-Grossing Superhero Film Ever

Black Panther
via Marvel Studios

As if Black Panther hasn’t broken enough records already, it just officially broke yet another on Saturday (March 24).

After five weeks at the top of the box office, Black Panther beat out The Avengers for the highest-grossing superhero film ever in the United States, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film also became one of seven films ever to earn more than $600 million domestically.

The numbers are crazy, but get even crazier when you look at the global box office. As of Thursday (March 22), Black Panther crossed $1.2 billion mark worldwide, becoming the 14th film to ever do so. Big bucks, huh?

By Sunday (March 25), the film is expected to surpass Iron Man 3 in the global box office and become the third-biggest comic book adaption ever, behind The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

To date, Black Panther has broken pre-sale records, top-grossing records for every day of the week, and even became the most tweeted about movie ever.

And don’t worry, if you’re having T’Challa withdrawals, he’ll be back on screen in April with the release of The Avengers: Infinity War.