Lil Xan
via Instagram / Lil Xan

After calling music from the late Tupac “boring” and receiving major backlash, rising California rapper Lil Xan seems to be changing his tune about the rap icon.

The young rapper has since been playing damage control, now insisting that Tupac is a legend, despite his previous comments.

“But for real, I gotta say something,” Xan told fans at a recent meet-and-greet. “The media twisted my words: I think 2Pac is a legend. 2Pac is definitely a legend. That’s what’s up. 2Pac a legend, they just twist your words and they want you to hate me. Positivity over everything.”

This week, during a show in Pomona, Calif., the rapper paid tribute to Pac, performing his classic hit single, “California Love”.

Following his comments about Tupac, Waka Flocka took to social media and said Xan was banned for hip-hop.

Xan would ultimately wipe his Instagram account and disappeared briefly, before posting about his debut album, Total Xanarchy​, due out April 6.