Bobby V Under Investigation for Alleged Rape

Bobby V
via Instagram / Bobby V

Singer Bobby V hasn’t had the best press over the last year. After being caught with a transsexual prostitute last summer, he is now the subject of a rape investigation.

According to TMZ, a woman claims she was raped by Bobby V over the weekend in Cobb County, Ga., though details are unclear.

Local authorities said there is currently an open investigation, while reports say he lives in the area.

A rep for Bobby has downplayed the alleged incident, calling it a “weak yet calculated attempt to obtain financial gain through ulterior motives.”

The rep also calls the alleged victim’s account of the incident a “false report.”

“Bobby takes any allegation against women very seriously,” the rep added. “However, false allegations damage true victims of sexual abuse.”

Aside from the rap allegation, Bobby released a new album, titled Electrik, earlier this month.