Publish x GUNNAR Work-Play Lens
via Publish Brand

Menswear brand Publish has partnered with Gunnar Optiks for a collaborative pair of eyewear, serving a dual purpose.

The Work-Play lens is a versatile new technology, that is designed for indoor blue light protection from digital screens, while also transitioning to a sunglass for outdoor protection from UV light and the sun’s rays.

The new lens debuts in the original “Infinite” style from Gunnar, now coming in matte gold.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of the Work-Play lens with our partner, Publish,” said Scott Sorensen, GUNNAR President. “Together, we wanted to deliver a new versatile lens that had strong form and function which would fit with the Publish brand believer and lifestyle.”

A first of its kind, the Work-Play lens transition from from an indoor translucent amber tint to to an outdoor sunglasses tint in just 45 seconds. They also also powered by innovative GUNNAR i-Amp® lens technology, which maximize long-wave blue light, helping to stimulate your alertness and attitude while improving your circadian rhythm all day long.

The Publish x GUNNAR Work-Play lens is available now at both brand’s websites ( and for $100 USD.