World’s Rarest “Star Wars” Collection Hits eBay Auction

Star Wars Figurines Hit eBay Auction
via eBay

Star Wars memorabilia has been popular ever since the franchise launched in the late 1970s. Today, with the launch of a new trilogy, Star Wars mania has taken off again.

With that said, a ton of rare memorbilia has just hit the auction block, said to be some of the rarest in exsistence.

Neat Stuff Collectibles has launched an extensive auction of rare Star Wars collectibles, with over 100 pre-production pieces.

Donated by a former master toolmaker for the company, the collection features items spanning the entire length of the Star Wars franchise, from the 1977 film to present day. It includes never-before-seen and prototypes, as well as custom figures and prop-replicas

“We are excited to give lifelong Star Wars fans and new collectors alike rare access to historical items from one of the most iconic and important franchises of our time,” said Sam Bright, Senior Director of Art & Collectibles at eBay. “The sale and incredible discovery by Neat Stuff Collectibles is an exciting opportunity for Star Wars fans of all ages to join eBay’s 170 million active buyers to own a unique piece of the Star Wars universe and its ongoing legacy.”

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