Take a Look at Early G-Eazy in Youtube Short “These Things Happen”

G-Eazy These Things Happen documentary

G-Eazy is one of hip-hop’s biggest stars today, but his road to success took a lot of hard work. Going from handing out mixtapes in the streets of Oakland to platinum success is not an easy feat… despite his name.

Years later, as he enjoys his success, the rapper takes a look back at his career in a Youtube-produced short, titled These Things Happen. The 14-minute video is comprised of footage from G-Eazy’s early years and more recent video, offering a behind-the-scenes look into his life.

“My approach to music has always been autobiographical,” he explains in one clip. “What I’m experiencing right now, where my head is at, that’s what makes it into the music… If I’m low as f*ck, going through it, questioning everything, feeling inadequate, dealing with something, that’s what I put into the music.”

Watch the full video of G-Eazy’s These Things Happen.