Meek Mill
via TMZ

Four months after entering prison to serve 2-4 years for a probation violation, we hear from Meek Mill in a rare interview.

In an extensive piece for Rolling Stone, the rapper speaks about being locked up and looking toward freedom.

“I won’t let [my family] come,” revealed Meek, who apparently only lets his legal team and “a few friends” visit him in prison. “If they see me like this — f*cked-up beard, hair all ganked — then it’s like I’m really in here. Which I’m not.”

In addition to calling Judge Genece Brinkley punishment questionable, he says she has committed “acts unbefitting her office,” dating back at least 15 years. Meek and his team also recall mistreatment by parole officer Treas Underwood, who was assigned to Meek by Brinkley.

According to rapper, Underwood “hated” him immediately and spoke to him like he was “some kind of rapist.” He alleges that Underwood followed Meek around, showed up at his home, and made unrealistic check-in requirements “every hour of our day.”

Meek also said that Brinkley has given this same treatment to others. “There’s brothers locked down that did nothing to be here but piss off people like Brinkley,” he said.

While his legal team continues to try to resolve his current legal situation, Meek looks to his freedom, when he says he will address the injustices directly. “I want to speak on this system and what it does to black people,” he said. “On both f*cking sides of the fence.”

Upon his release, Meek revealed that he plans to move to Atlanta, Georgia.

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