Kanye West
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Kanye and a whole crew of creative masterminds hit the mountains of Wyoming last week, and apparently, Drake just joined in on the fun.

Kanye frequented Jackson Hole, Wyoming several times last year to work on new music, so when he returned with a whole squad recently, we already knew what it was.

Rappers from Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kid Cudi have been spotted in Wyoming for some time, but now, it was reported that Drake is in town, and he’s not alone.


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Accompanying Drake is his songwriter, engineer, and personal videographer. Sounds like they are producing more than just a few feature songs, right?

Several well-known producers are also in town, along with loads of audio and recording equipment. Oh, and don’t forget the renowned personal chef to feed all of the busy mouths.

Some other familiar faces have been seen posing in the mountains from The-Dream to King Louie, both of which have worked with Kanye before.

The Dream & I

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No official word has been given on collabs or release dates, but something major is definitely in the works.