Game Threatens to Break the Jaw of Star of “Everyday Struggle”

The Game
via 16bars.TV

Aside from his new beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine, Game has reignited his past feud with hip-hop personality Star, after he made comments about the Compton rapper.

During a recent episode of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle”, Star questioned Game’s skills as a lyrical rapper.

“Game had lyrics?” he asked. “Game had rhyme quotables? Look me in my face. Are you serious? Give me a Game rhyme quotable… Game ran around with a big-ass N.W.A tattoo, perpetrating a fraud. I’m being objective. This is not no sucka sh*t comin’ at him.”

After watching the visual, Game responded in an interview with, writing: “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. If he don’t feel like I passed anybody the torch or I don’t have any quotables or I never had lyrics, that’s his opinion. As far as him saying it on a show with cameras and far away from Game’s face is another thing. He wouldn’t say that in my face, because I would probably break his jaw in a hundred million places and I’m on probation.

“People know that I’m on papers, and that if I do something to them, I’m gonna go to jail,” Game continued. “This is the time, now to attack Game and provoke Game. But you’re not gonna do that. I got, like, probably another year and a half on probation. Then, I can whoop your ass and get back on probation, and I won’t be able to go to jail for that. Just give me a little time and keep on talking, disrespecting Game’s name, and we’re gonna get back to what Game do.”

After Game made his remarks, Game’s manager Wack 100 grabbed the microphone and made his status clear: “I’m not on probation.”

Game and Star haven’t seen eye-to-eye since 2006, after Star threatened Envy’s wife and children on New York radio. At the time, Game stuck up for Envy, threatening Star with violence.

Star was ultimately fired from his job at Power 105 over the comments and arrested.