Lloyd Banks
via Public Domain

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks gave fans a scare on Friday (March 16), when he sent out a series of tweets that appeared to hint at his retirement.

In the tweets, he thanked fans that have been supporting him for over the years. “I fell in love with Hip Hop over 25 years ago,” Banks writes. “It was that thing I turned to during good times and bad.. just wanna say thank you to the artist B4 me that inspired me.. and send my appreciation to everyone that supported me till this day THANK YOU!!”

He then added, “With that being said..I think it’s time to lay it down.”

Fans though the worst of the last tweet, thinking it was a retirement announcement.

Luckily, that’s not the case. Following the response on social media, he returned and make it clear he’s not leaving. Banks posted a clip of wrestler Ric Flair, who exclaims, “I have to announce to you, that I will never retire!”

From there, Banks criticized media for covering music news and not the actual music he releases, after a number of outlets picked up the story. “They’ll rather cover everything that happens around the music..than the actual music itself..I hope all these outlets support me when I drop,” he wrote.