Lil Wayne
Credit: Nightline

Lil Wayne had time at a recent concert in Australia.

According to TMZ, while performing at the Jumanji Festival in Sydney, rowdy concertgoers launched a water bottle on stage, almost hitting the rapper as he performed. Not taking well to these actions, Wayne promptly lifted his hands to signal the band to stop playing and calmly addressed all of the concert attendees in only a way he could.

“Ok, so let me let you know, where I’m from, I think y’all know that’s the states. We don’t throw sh*t on stage because all my n*ggas got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at,” Wayne said, as he pointed to his crew standing behind him. “So if you throw something else, I’m going to be more safe and I’ll be the bigger person and just leave, because I don’t want to kill everybody.”

A mixture of cheers and boos bellowed following Wayne’s warning.

While Austraila possibly has the strictest gun laws in the world, was Wayne telling the truth? No one could be too sure, but they definitely did not want to find out for themselves. Fans will think again before they throw trash onto Wayne’s stage again.