Lil Xan
via Facebook / Lil Xan

Lil Xan has been catching a lot of heat over the past week, after he called Tupac’s music “boring”.

If you missed it, the rising California rapper sat down with REVOLT this week and was asked to rank a series of things on a scale of 1-9 for the channel’s “On Clout 9” segment.

When asked about 2Pac, Xan gave him a 2, adding, “What? His music was boring.”

Well, Waka Flocka took it upon himself to ban Lil Xan from hip-hop, and now, Michael Rapaport ripped into the rapper in a recent Instagram post.

In a video, the actor/filmmaker went off, saying: “Little buck tooth rabbit face motherf*cker. You need to apologize, alright? And you don’t need to apologize to Tupac or Tupac’s fans. You need to apologize to whoever the f*ck raised you, or didn’t raise you, for raising you to be a dumb f*ck. You don’t get to speak on anything that has to do with hip-hop.”

While many criticized Xan for dissing Pac, self-proclaimed 2Pac fan Trippie Redd came to his defense. “I personally think ya’ll need to get off Lil Xan’s d*ck,” he said. “And I love 2Pac.”

Trippie also points out: “Bro, do you see who he is? Of course he don’t like 2Pac!”