Rihanna West Hollywood Home
via TMZ

Interested in buying Rihanna’s old crib? Too late, it’s finally off the market.

According to TMZ, the singer’s West Hollywood home recently sold for a cool $2.85 million.

The 2,800 square foot home boasts 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, a guesthouse, and a pool, but something about it didn’t meet the needs of Rihanna. Within three months of purchase, she had the house right back on the market.

The lavish crib remained on the market for a solid five months, even being rented out in January for $16,500 a month, before being purchased last week. Rihanna even sold the home for $100,000 more than she bought it for, but that’s chump change in her world.

We’re unsure of who the new homeowner is, but whoever it is now has the privilege to say they lived in Rihanna’s house.