LeBron James fan Lakers billboard
via Jacob Emrani

Every fan is hoping their team lands LeBron James over the summer in free agency. One fan, however, has taken things into his own hands.

While in Los Angeles this weekend, the NBA star may see one of three billboards a local businessman has placed around Los Angeles, hoping it will help woo him to join the Lakers.

Jacob Emrani, a personal injury attorney and longtime Lakers season-ticket holder, put up billboards with messages for LeBron. On it reads the hashtag “#LABron”, along with the phrase “Forget the Process, We Win Banners!”

Emrani paid for the billboards around Los Angeles, while LeBron is in the town to face the Clippers on Friday (March 9) and the Lakers on Sunday (March 11).

This upcoming summer, the Lakers have the ability to create as much as $70 million in cap space for a chance to pursue two max free-agent stars. James is on everyone’s list… if he chooses to leave Cleveland for the second time in his career.

Will LeBron join the Lakers? Good chance or nah?