DJ Khaled opened his heart for all of his fans on Tuesday (Mar. 6), with a message to his son, Asahd.

In a two-minute video, which is comprised of home footage of Asahd and voiced by Khaled, the hip-hop star explains the love he has for his first born, which he says ultimately serves as inspiration for his upcoming album Father of Asahd.

“Our children give us the ultimate name, the greatest title, the highest honor.” Khaled says. “My son has given me my new name, father of Asahd.. and today, thats what im naming my new album. It’s called Father of Asahd.

The album, executive produced by Asahd, will feature the newly released single “Top Off”, which features Jay-Z, Future and Beyoncé. A toddler producing an album? We would be impressed, but the 17-month-old already produced a chart-topping album for his father (Grateful), which features songs by Drake, Nicki Minaj, Migos, and Rihanna.

With a name that means “lion” in Arabic and a Grammy-nominated music producer as a father, we know that Father of Asahd will be just another brilliant notch under the toddler’s belt, or should we say diaper?

Father of Asahd is set to release in summer of 2018.