Vince Staples Launches $2M GoFundMe For Him to Stop Rapping?

Vince Staples GoFundMe

Vince Staples has become one of hip-hop’s most outspoken artists. This has also made him the target of criticism.

So, following recent comments about his live shows, the Long Beach rapper is giving fans an alternative. Help him raise $2 million and he will disappear forever.

Seriously, Vince has launched a GoFundMe page, encouraging his critics to #GTFOMD (get the f*ck off my d*ck) or help him raise money to fund his lifestyle moving forward.

“We’ve got a lot of complaints about our recent show performances, energy on stage, production choice; I think one person said ‘it sounds like we’re rapping on robot video game beats’. We would like to apologize for that,” he said in a statement.

“We would like to give you an alternative. On you can decide to donate to the cause of 2 million dollars, which will allow me to shut the f*ck up forever and you will never hear from me again.”

What does he mean by this? Vince says if he reaches his $2 million goal, he will no longer to any “songs, no interviews, no anything.”

For critics that do not want to donate, then he has a message for them. “If not, you can choose to let me do what the f*ck I want to do, when I want to do it. Get off of my d*ck, or fund my lifestyle. The choice is yours. Either way we appreciate you.”

For more info, you can watch the video above or head to here.